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About Us

Our Vision

Family CT envisions a safe family and community environment for all, free of abuse, neglect and violence.

Our Mission

Family CT works to prevent abuse, neglect and victimization across the life span and to serve those affected by providing home visiting and outreach, parenting education, family strengthening activities, counseling and advocacy to children and adults.

Family CT Values...

Family Centered Services of CT

...the right to live in an environment free from violence and physical, sexual and emotional abuse and neglect

...the protection of children and the enhancement of their healthy development

...accessible, coordinated and comprehensive services that support and strengthen families

...the potential of all community members to make a contribution, however large or small, to promote the growth and development of individuals, children and families.

...Justice, equality and the diversity of each individual

Empowerment-Based Family Support

Family CT’s work with families is based on the belief that all people, and all families, have strengths. This is a core principle of an empowerment-based family support model currently being taught by the Connecticut Family Development Institute to help families achieve healthy self-reliance and interdependence with their communities. The model acknowledges the “bone-deep longing within each of us for freedom, self-respect, hope, and the chance to make an important contribution to one’s family, community and the world”(Cornell Empowering Families Project).

In practical terms, it means that Family CT helps each family to assess their needs and strengths and works in partnership with families to help them set and reach goals, learn and practice skills and feel better prepared to meet future challenges. For more information, contact us at (203) 624-2600 x303 or email